The Kiss Of Near-Death

The Underpants Bomber, it seems, was directed to scorch his genitals by two al Qaeda leaders who used to reside at Guantanamo prison. ABC reports: American officials agreed to send the two terrorists from Guantanamo to Saudi Arabia where they entered into an “art therapy rehabilitation program” and were set free, according to U.S. and Saudi officials. So – it must be President Obama’s fault. Typical liberal – give ’em art, that’ll solve everything… …what? The Bush administration released these guys in 2007? To the Saudis? Oh, the Saudis, with whom W likes to suck face? Saudis, who made up fifteen … Continue reading The Kiss Of Near-Death

But My Car’s Protected!

How, I ask, is universal health care different from no-fault automobile insurance? Used to be the courts were clogged with crash cases until “Society” (the Minnesota legislature) said we must mandate that every driver – under penalty of law – purchase car insurance. Coverage extended to both the body of the car and… OH, NO!!! the bodies of the driver and passengers. So they can go to the hospital without worry about being covered. And get better. And not lose their homes. Or afford raised insurance rates. Or get dropped from their health insurance. I did not see anybody (read: … Continue reading But My Car’s Protected!

Off With Her Head!!!

Someone is wandering way, way off the reservation. Commence résumé brushing: I am one of the people who believe that health care is a right and not a privilege. I believe that the only way Americans can compete on the world market is to offer what other Westernized countries offer; free and accessible health care. This from a Fox News Contributor; if her checks don’t dry up, does that signal that sanity is about to become tolerated by the Fair & Balanced™ set? Or will there be a purity purge? Smart money’s on purge. Continue reading Off With Her Head!!!

Life Before Google

Here’s something about nothing: I started my own production company in the steam-powered video machine days, c.1983.  Called it Omni Video Productions, so-named, brothers & sisters, because I would do any video project Central Minnesota could hand me. No, never that kind of video. Meh. But right away I heard from a then-newfangled video rental store in Minneapolis that perhaps I was stepping a bit on their name – Omni Video – and would I kindly stop using it, and if not, how about some court action? Always up for a little action in those days, I responded to their … Continue reading Life Before Google

Huge Republican Fail

It looks a little funky, and we will serve it up no matter what the anti-health people say. And I’m not talking green bean casserole. While I am pleased that we’ve cleared another mountain ridge in this climb toward universal healthcare – yes, we must now prove conclusively that private insurance companies cannot deliver health care efficaciously – my first reaction is not an extreme one of irrational joy or jaded tea bag cynicism. It’s:  about time, putzes, that you pass legislation that finally catches  us up with the rest of the modern world. Continue reading Huge Republican Fail

You Say You Want An Evolution

Even though a strong conservative case can be made in favor of universal healthcare – conserves health, less time off sick, unburdens employers from the cost of healthcare, Jesus would approve, etc.  – I won’t bother enumerating all of them for the disloyal opposition, hopelessly lost as they are in the throes of an elixir called NOBAMA. But I will address my fellow traveller – the frustrated Progressive who is throwing Democrats under the bus because he didn’t get his Magical Unicorn. (Talkin’ ’bout you, Thom Hartmann!) Let me remind Mr & Mrs Progressive, True Believers to be sure, that … Continue reading You Say You Want An Evolution