Conservative Case For Health Care Reform

Click for full view

Hard to focus on our health care squabbles, what with Haiti’s health crisis looming so large, but for those unafraid of graphs and not intimidated by number-based facts, this chart tells me everything I need to know. The most salient fact for me, though, is that in our neighbor to the south, the annual per capita cost for health care is just over $800. Per year. Their life expectancy is not much less than their neighbor to the north – the good ol’ USA – but our cost per capita is nearly ten times that.

The rest of the chart lays out the overwhelming reality that we COULD, if we had the will, get pretty much the same life expectancy outcome for less than half the dough.

It is part of a case – an austere,¬†conservative case – that ought to be made with clarity by health care reformers. And if we, collectively, kill reform, then it is because we’ve been convinced by propagandists hired by the insurance industry to vote against our own interests in favor of theirs.


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