Sho Shad

See – libruls were warned and we did nothing to stop it: just the desire for gay marriage alone, not the act itself, is destroying wonderful ‘straight’ marriage in a wide and depressing swath across the nation.

The latest sad tale involves Karl Rove and his second traditional marriage. The man fought the good fight, did everything right, and still, his forbidden love for Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert that dare not speak its name has finally won out.

Declaring  their time together during many, many White House sleepovers as a big rainbow of a mistake, Karl contented himself with stroking his beard, so to speak, and preaching to the masses about threats to marriage in general.

Turns out that, in a vehwee shad development, Karl was talking about his own marriage in particular, with, no doubt, more gay-driven divorces to follow for him and others.

Jimmy Jeff: be afraid no longer. Karl needs to hear from you. Heaven is just a phone call away!


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