But My Car’s Protected!

How, I ask, is universal health care different from no-fault automobile insurance?

Used to be the courts were clogged with crash cases until “Society” (the Minnesota legislature) said we must mandate that every driver – under penalty of law – purchase car insurance. Coverage extended to both the body of the car and… OH, NO!!! the bodies of the driver and passengers. So they can go to the hospital without worry about being covered. And get better. And not lose their homes. Or afford raised insurance rates. Or get dropped from their health insurance.

I did not see anybody (read: Republicans) complaining to any degree whatsoever about this policy then, or now.

Perhaps the difference resides in the concept of time. A traffic accident happens in an instant, while people get sick, generally, over a period of time. I don’t know, I’m reaching, probably. Just can’t get into the authoritarian mind.

But what is the danged difference!?

We pay our car premiums, and can rest assured in our coverage. We pay taxes and are ensured that we’ll be covered by police officers and fire fighters.

But if our body goes up in flames, Republicans think we should have wholly inadequate coverage, believing as they do that things, like houses and cars, are more important than people. ‘K then!


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