Life Before Google

Here’s something about nothing:

I started my own production company in the steam-powered video machine days, c.1983.  Called it Omni Video Productions, so-named, brothers & sisters, because I would do any video project Central Minnesota could hand me.

No, never that kind of video. Meh.

But right away I heard from a then-newfangled video rental store in Minneapolis that perhaps I was stepping a bit on their name – Omni Video – and would I kindly stop using it, and if not, how about some court action? Always up for a little action in those days, I responded to their offer, and managed to convince them that my business venture was different enough, under Minnesota statute, from video rentals to not constitute infringement. A distracting hassle, but resolved.

So where am I going with this? Two directions at once:

First, the mere existence of Google at the time would’ve saved me all the hassle, and told me the various flavors and combos omni, video and productions would come in, in a DBA sense, across the entire world, let alone Minnesota. I wasn’t aware of any other OVP companies back then, but Google and YouTube reveal multiple companies both past and present with the OVP name.

Second, because I folded the company shortly after I moved to Cleveland in 1996, when a web site was whah? huh?, any sort of reference to my OVP does not exist, and if it does not exist on a Google search… did it ever really?

Time to build a web shrine to it.


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