You Say You Want An Evolution

Even though a strong conservative case can be made in favor of universal healthcare – conserves health, less time off sick, unburdens employers from the cost of healthcare, Jesus would approve, etc.  – I won’t bother enumerating all of them for the disloyal opposition, hopelessly lost as they are in the throes of an elixir called NOBAMA.

But I will address my fellow traveller – the frustrated Progressive who is throwing Democrats under the bus because he didn’t get his Magical Unicorn. (Talkin’ ’bout you, Thom Hartmann!)

Let me remind Mr & Mrs Progressive, True Believers to be sure, that within the broad sweep of history, sustainable progressive movements, in the USA at least, are not born of revolution. Beloved programs like Social Security and Medicare evolved into full blown success from their weak-tea origins.

The same will happen should healthcare reform make it out of conference.


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