Thanksgiving Plan B

Had to cancel holiday travel plans at the last-minute due to a plague-like flu sweeping through the household. Pretty well took down my wife and two daughters, so now I’m staring down the barrel while I punt and prep a Thanksgiving dinner.

Not enough time to get a frozen turkey and let it defrost – I don’t want to spend half my day chipping out the giblets with chisel & sledge – but there was a single pumpkin pie left at the store, and we just so happened to have a 4-lb. sirloin roast in the fridge waiting for freezer space. The menu, featuring otherwise traditional items, forms around roast beef:

Thanksgiving 2009:

  • Beef Sirloin roast – rubbed and riven through with six garlic cloves, lightly dressed with teriyaki marinade and cracked pepper; seared on the grill then oven-roasted
  • The Little Penguin – SE Australian Shiraz wine
  • Sweet potatoes blended with maple syrup, topped with marshmallows – this is a non-negotiable gotta-have
  • Green bean & mushroom casserole topped w/crispy onions
  • Brie & red flame grapes
  • Romaine salad w/sliced red bell peppers & sweet onion
  • Pumpkin pie w/hand-whisked whipped cream
  • Late add: found a bag of pre-mix stuffing, with nowhere to stuff it; it will be good regardless

Later in the day:

  • Angel Food cake with chocolate frosting & eight birthday candles for the elder daughter.

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