Just Say Wrong

They said NO to regulation of the banks and handed the nation The Depression.

They said NO to the Works Progress Administration.

They said NO to Social Security.

They said NO to U.S entry into WWII.

They said NO to desegregation of the military.

They said NO to unions.

They said NO to desegregation of schools and universities.

They said NO to civil rights legislation.

They said NO to Medicare and Medicaid.

They said NO to the Equal Rights Amendment.

They said NO to equal pay for equal work.

They said NO to alternative energy.

They said NO to safer cars.

They said NO to protecting the environment.

They said NO to unemployment compensation.

They said NO to workplace safety.

They said NO to worker injury compensation.

They said NO to public education.

They said NO to separation of church and state.

They said NO to a woman’s right to privacy and reproductive freedom.

They said NO to thinking through Afghanistan and Iraq.

Now, they say NO to health care for all – and as usual, looking at their shameful wrong-headedness, the Republicans are on the wrong, wrong, wrong side of history.

The only thing they say YES to is money and how they can best hoard it.

Oh, sure, they said YES to No Child Left Behind and Medicare Part D – but they refused to fund it because they were busy pushing through tax cuts for people who need them the least. And they did it via reconciliation, not with 60 votes



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