Red Line Christianity

The cycle of life has no alpha or omega, especially in the world of Protestantism. The factions pick their cause – their deal-breaker – then splinter off into ever smaller decentralized denominations and groups. All splinters proceed out of a certain knowledge that the church has hit another fork in the road, that We the True Believers have chosen the Right Path over Them, the Deluded Apostates. Sure, We attended church with Them every year for 30 years, our kids grew up together, but now They seem crazy and We worry for Their salvation.

Does it matter that the désaccord du jour has absolutely nothing to do with what Jesus Christ is quoted as saying? Nope. What matters is that the original splinters carry the seeds for all that follow, for religion’s ultimate narrowing to a differing religion for each and every tiny sect of two or more.

I am so pleased with how religion brings us together!


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