Sex With Someone You Love

Carrie Prejean, Miss Something-Or-Other

Now, please understand that I don’t want to wander too far into the rhubarb, but we all know that the great American thinker Carrie Prejean does not, based on her vast experience, think homo-ness is cool. Gotcha, Carrie!

But if Onanism is the thing that trips her trigger, so to speak, and if Onanism is, as Woody Allen says, sex with someone you love, then is not Carrie engaging in homo-ness by allowing a woman she loves to pleasure her?

In flying solo, did she get some gay on her? Give this woman a hand!

[UPDATE: I’m starting to believe that Ms Prejean’s need for self-fulfillment all  can be blamed on The Gay wrecking our Traditional Values.]


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