Five Sketches by Doris

Sam Gerber is one of five prominent Clevelanders featured in next week’s premiere of Doris O’Donnell’s Cleveland episode #109, entitled “Sketches.” Others include mobster Shonder Birns, mayors Ralph Perk and Carl Stokes, as well as the dean of Cleveland journalism, Howard Beaufait.

Howard, as it happens, became Doris’ husband – though I can just about imagine that their June-September romance was quite a topic of interest, right across the board. Married with children, it must’ve been a particular challenge for Howard, though Doris, steeped as she was in Catholicism, had an equal challenge in marrying a divorced man. I’m not really very interested in the gossipy side of things – this stuff happens so much nowadays – but rather the social setting in which this transpired for two very public figures. Doris is too classy and private to tip her hand on their folie á deux, but she does not hesitate to share her insider views on the other people she profiles.

“Sketches” airs on Monday Nov. 16 at 10 p.m. on Western Reserve Public Media.

Produced by Storytellers Media Group/ – below is the Sam Gerber segment.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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