Make a Martyr of Him

A rodent guillotine - appropriately placed to The Right of this post

Woof, woof! Took me a week to recover from the previous post, just in time to hear that the alleged killer of abortion provider Dr Tiller… is alleged, not so much anymore! He admitted to an AP reporter that he killed the doctor.

I suppose it’s one day going to be time to abort this guy’s life? I’m not a supporter of the death penalty – how many innocents am I willing to put to death in order to have a death penalty? None is my answer – but I am beckoned by what I call The Ted Bundy Exception. If there is just plain no doubt, or he’s ID’d by a dozen people, or there exists cellphone footage, or he flat-out confesses to murder – talking about you, Scotty Boy – then I say, Fare thee well on your journey through the veil, laddie, and may the road slope down to meet’cha!


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