Who You Callin’ Boy?


He clearly wants to bring hate into full fashion. He cannot resist it, shadowboxing around his proud and practiced racism, skillfully using words that just border on the blatancy of his biases.

Skillfully until today, that is.  Using his favorite put-down of the president, Rush went for “man-child” but got to “little boy” first. Paging Dr. Freud!

Was a time, in my life and in my fair land, when using “boy” to describe a grown black man was being as backward as you could be, to put it charitably. Old Skool Christians would say, “bless his heart, that’s just the way he was raised, his daddy didn’t know any better.”

Flash forward to the less charitable, like me, who petition the Lord for no blessing upon the perverted heart of this bloated blot upon humankind, and I mean that in the most generous way.


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