The Spanish Inquisition!

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Pretty easy for me to pound on the Protestant side of the religionistas that think this is their country and theirs alone – I was steeped in Presbyterianism during my Wonder Years, so I know it inside and out. But I always kinda dug the word “Protestant” for its root word. Protest as a religious value unto itself – groovy it was in the 1960s.

But perhaps I truly knew not what was protested against till today, when I came across this oozing toxic dump of human bitterness. What a litany of caustic tantrums laced with decidedly dark, twisted view of America is doing under the auspices of a Catholic organization, and a Washington Post masthead, is beyond me – come to think of it the Post hasn’t done anything worthwhile since Watergate – I retract that last part.

Is Mr Donohue in any way representative of the Catholic Church? It was only a matter of time before a Martin Luther appeared.


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