The Stupiding of Merka


There is probably no way to measure how many dufus Palin supporters get snookered this holiday season. Part of that equation, elusive as it is, will be how well Palin-lovers can spell. A new book on Caribou Barbie – a collection of essays, rather, because she does not warrant more than a couple pages – is subtitled An American Nightmare, and I am going to bet that thousands of them nonetheless will be bought as holiday gifts instead of Sarah’s own new, ghost-written book. A few surprises under the tree this year!

Granted, conservative books are bought up by huge monied interests in order to get high rankings on book lists. But I’m sure it will be all the worse for Sarah’s sales because the two books are being released the very same day. Did Karl Rove see the light and come over to our side? Further – if she is ever elected president, and patterns being patterns, can we count on her to resign mid-term?

Lastly – what is she looking at? Putin’s head looming over Alaska?


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