Republicans Pro Gang Rape? Discuss.


My homeboy, Sen. Al Franken (MN), holding the least seniority in the Senate, took a whole bunch of old hands – mostly from somewhere in Dixie, just taking a guess, but all Republicans, certainly – to school, and I mean TO SKOOL! Sen. Franken walked the Senate Ignorati into a trap and snapped it shut.

Groveling at the feet of their paymasters, these Senators voted (in vain, gratefully) to essentially let government contractors – in this case the thoroughly unpatriotic Halliburton or whatever the hell their alias is now – to escape liability when some of their employees, for example, gang rape a woman then lock her in a storage container. It’s not like they killed her, right?  Right!?

No, these black-hearted criminals didn’t kill her. They saved that for the Iraqis. Shove it in their faces and make ’em like it, Al!


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