Almost As Dumb As Turkey

From Charles Johnson, the one-man creationism smack-down squad:


This is a depressing snapshot of a terribly serious problem in the United States, which ranks at the very bottom of the world’s developed nations in acceptance of the scientific theory of evolution. Only Turkey has a lower score.

I don’t want to jump on those who believe that God created the universe, primarily because I believe there was  a Hand that set this ol’ world spinnin’ ’round. But that’s belief, with no practical, concrete facts to serve as scientific proof. I’ve always had no problem reconciling the two: I can believe in God, but it’s obvious that there was a method to creation, i.e., evolution.

Unless I want to believe, like many fundamentalists do, that Fred & Barney ordered Brontosaurus Burgers at the drive-in.

Here’s the first day of my 8th grade science syllabus: “‘K, students, some believe God created the universe, some do not. Either way, now, let’s open our book on evolution to see how it’s been done.”


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