Who Stole Beverly Potts?

This is the one most personal to me.

Dusk & Shadow – The Mystery of Beverly Potts is quite unlike other true crime shows produced by Storytellers Media Group. Beverly disappeared into thin air and no evidence of a crime was ever found – no body, no clothing, no forensic material, only one witness. Really quite maddening.

To this day there are only theories about what happened. But the media’s frenzy, at the hands of Louie Seltzer and his Cleveland Press, foreshadowed not only his disastrous handling of the Sheppard case three years later, it also foretold the intensity with which missing children cases would come to be seen in more recent years.

Pleased to say that Dusk & Shadow includes an interview with Beverly’s older sister, Anita, the first time she’d broken her silence in 50 years. She is gone now, a victim of cancer, and I am glad to have flown to El Paso, TX  to visit with her and her husband, Bob, and do the interview with the help of the El Paso PBS affiliate. Later got to know Anita’s daughter – Beverly’s niece – Meg. There are real families behind these notorious cases.

Dusk & Shadow is screening tonight at the Lakewood Library at 7 p.m. – with a special guest. Below is the first five minutes of the program:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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