Look: I don’t want to slag on The Plain Dealer – not any more than it has coming – and maybe I should direct this at the odd catacomb called cleveland.com, but I’m assuming the buck stops somewhere along Superior Avenue.

Gracelessly, I posted earlier this week about how the Paper of Record™ had ignored Storytellers Media Group’s rather fine performance at the Emmys last Saturday – awarded a regional Emmy for Music Composition by Carl Michel, as well as an Emmy the second year in a row for Arts/Entertainment Program, thank you very much, and how said performance equalled or exceeded major Cleveland stations’ performance. And seeing as how Indianapolis tromped larger-market Cleveland – again –  I also thought that this headline was grossly inaccurate:

click to enlarge

From where I sat, no Cleveland station was a big winner. Fortunately, a less fevered editor amended the header in the archives:

click to enlarge

Two gallant gentlemen came to reporter Julie Washington’s aid by reminding me that, in essence, she was not covering the Emmys; her beat is strictly the over-air broadcast stations, so her coverage could consist of only the Emmys won by local, Cleveland broadcasters. It says “Northeast Ohio broadcasters” in that second headline, but why quibble over that, or over the fact that Storytellers partners with a Northeast Ohio broadcaster – Western Reserve Public Media – to air our stuff? I’ll drop it, ‘K?!? JEEPERS! We were just trying to help hold up Northeast Ohio’s end of the Emmy share! I thought perhaps Julie might be interested in a show about a woman reporter who broke down barriers for other women reporters, ALRIGHT?!? Man, I have to go lay down…

…that’s better. While napping I had a dream that the ‘Dealer publicized an upcoming screening of our – dare I mention – Emmy winning program from last year called “The Day Marilyn Died,” hosted by the Lakewood Library at 7 pm this Tuesday, September 22. I raced, breathlessly, back to cleveland.com and what seemed like 30 minutes later I found this:

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Yes, folks, I’ll be reading selections from our documentary, or I’ve already done it next week, not sure – the tense is, um, not clear. Anyway, I did not dream that I was going to read a TV show, anxious to see how it turns out…

Wait! There surely  will be a listing for Lakewood Library events! And there was! Hopes heightened once again, I clicked a small link cleveland.com offered me about reading selections from my documentary, and arrived here:

click to enlarge

On balance, I guess I prefer this final link in a quirky way, insofar as it clarifies where we stand.

Meanwhile, The Lakewood Observer, a bi-monthly community paper with a robust, sane web presense, managed to come up with this example of legibility and clarity:

click to enlarge

Looks precise and proofed to me! Perhaps they were in touch with the Lakewood Library, which has this on their site:

click to enlarge

I realize how difficult good reporting may seem, PeeDee, but it’s as simple as that, spit-spot!


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