Bugs Me

WEIRD_BUGA couple Greater Cleveland driving rules, modified from those original pesky ordinances. Not rules really, just helpful tips:

  1. If a driver has his* turn signal on does not mean, necessarily, that he will turn.
  2. A driver making a turn does not necessarily use his turn signal; in some cities, I believe, it is illegal to use the signal – there’s no other explanation.
  3. Yellow means kick it to the floor, let out a hair raising scream
  4. Green means proceed with great caution, watch for #3, prepare to meet Maker
  5. The crappier the car, the louder the bass
  6. Flashing red semaphore after 11 pm is open to interpretation, and your mood
  7. Chatting on the phone brings your IQ down to about 80, I’m not kidding, really
  8. Texting while driving brings your IQ into the 8 to 10 range – hard to even measure

    *her, too


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