Elections for Sale

USA Best Elections Money Can Buy Button2I don’t know why Creepublicans Republicans are so upset that Democrats have taken over the executive and legislative branches. The corporatists basically own the Supreme Court. The head Supreme, John Roberts, was and is a judge that sides with business concerns virtually every time. And now the C-Just is clearing the way so corporations are seen as individuals with rights equal to American citizens. Forget for a moment that the owners and executives and stockholders already have all the rights afforded any other citizen. They want their companies – state-sanctioned and chartered – to have the right of free speech alongside their personal rights. But seeing as how a chartered organization does not have a mouth or pen, SCOTUS will no doubt determine the companies may speak with cold cash – literally putting their money where their mouth is – to support the executives’ corporatist Doppelgangers efforts in elected office to steal buy elections.

What a country.


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