Lower America


I want the United States to stay that way.

But I learned throughout life that people cannot help how they feel, whether their feelings are grounded in reality or not, and that you cannot make someone love you.

So – if parts of the South want to nullify the results of the Civil War and break up with the rest of us, I say let ’em. They are, after all, a net drag on the federal budget, they’re an economic dynaNO, and they jist doan lak gummint nohow. They are the least educated and most prone to believe Foxisms, they “think” health care will hurt them and distrust Yankees for cutting off their supply of free labor. They loathe the president for something or other – still trying to pin that down, I’m a little slow on the ol’ uptake – and don’t recognize him as legitimate.

If these pockets of snivelling crapitude thoughful questioning can’t get over the fact that THE REPUBLICANS AND THE RELIGOUS RIGHT LOST BIG LAST NOVEMBER, then they don’t deserve to be part of this democracy.


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