Heavy Metal

Doris O'Donnell in the newsroom, 1946. Photo by Bill Nehez


I tell everyone it’s best to be prepared to get skunked. Storytellers’ current series, Doris O’Donnell’s Cleveland, won a regional Emmy last year — awarded to “The Day Marilyn Died,” specifically, for best Arts/Entertainment Program — and it’s up in five categories this year. This is Carl Michel’s third nomination for music composition – he won the award in 2005 for our Beverly Potts documentary Dusk & Shadow – so I give him MVP for the aesthetic edge our programs enjoy.

And for the first time the Storytellers production team is nominated, rather than just me as producer. Being a student of film during university days, I admired the auteur – the film maker who works with the same ensemble of people on every production. Back then I thought it cool, sophisticated and arty; nowadays its appeal lay in its practical efficiency. Carl may well deserve MVP, but each and every person plays a role where I appear brilliant, because I found the right person and got out of  their way. Carl’s just the best example.

Big thanks to those who move Storytellers toward excellence: Brody, Gary Manke, Tara Lindsay, Carl, Jim Badal, Amy Stone and, last but not least, the inimitable Ms. Doris O’Donnell Beaufait herself. They are the ones that make getting skunked less and less likely all the time. We find out Saturday night.

[UPDATE: we won in two of the five categories – Music Composition and best Arts/Entertainment Program. Happy Joy!]


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