Twisted Christians Loathe Jesus’ Message


In the interest of honoring my mother and my father, I don’t make a big fuss when my very devout father chides me every five years for not being a religionist. Well, that’s not how he terms it – more like, “don’t you think you should take your family to church?” If I were to make a big fuss – as in, “God is the most interesting thing in the world to me, and I find that today’s church is boring and irrelevant to Christ’s message” – I fear that my father would tip over. Far to the right, ‘natch.

If I needed proof of religions’ irrelevancy on the issue  – which I don’t – it would be the fevered fundamentalist christianista opposition to universal “heal-the-sick” stuff that Jesus spouted.

Luckily for opponents, they will not ever get sick and die.


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