Did Glenn Beck Do It?

did-glenn-beck-rape-and-murder-hi-resI simply have no way of knowing whether Glenn Beck committed murder in 1990. Curiously, he has not denied it, and with every minute he refuses to do so… well, it doesn’t look good, does it. So is he guilty?

Now he is trying to shut down some web site jus’ wundrin’ about those dark days. There is no evidence that he isn’t an at-large felon, so what am I to think? There’s a lot of chatter about it, and where there’s smoke there’s fire; Google “Glenn Beck murder” just once. I worry for my country, I surely do. But G-Bek capable of an irrational act? Quite the contrary – it is Mr Beck’s calm demeanor that will get us all through.

Unless he is actually a murderer, for which the jury is still out, it’s fair to say.


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