Commies that Play Barbie™


So – reluctantly, I’ve taken the chance of sending my two daughters to school today, knowing full well there’s a chance they’ll come back as commie pinkos, seeing as how their school will allow them to hear – and see! – President Obama’s manifesto via the TV Machine and Internet Tubes.  Under his jackboot of collectivism, my kids might transform into spies for the state, and will no doubt occasionally  need to turn in their parents for not having adequate socialistic fervor.

At least they’re learning!


One thought on “Commies that Play Barbie™

  1. Tell me when is it ever a good idea to actively discourage ANYONE from watching the leaders of their country speak?

    If the parents don’t like Obama, shouldn’t they encourage their children to listen and discuss?

    To all parents pulling your children out of school today, keep your head buried in the sand; he’ll go away in 2016, anyway.

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