Idaho? No, He da Ho

Rep. Rex Rammell (R-Crackerland, Nitwittia) UPDATE: this is not Rammell, but rather a willfully ignorant bigot. My confusion is understandable.

I realize that this guy got his name from some sticky 70s porno flick, but putting that aside, Rep. Rex Rammell (R-Crackerland) must be one of the funniest dudes in the House.

Rammell’s comment about buying a license to hunt Obama has received national play in newspapers, on television and on the Web.
Rammell made the comment Tuesday at a Republican barbecue in Twin Falls during talk [sic] about Idaho selling its first $11.50 hunting tags for wolves this fall. Someone shouted “Obama tags,” and Rammell said, “The Obama tags? We’d buy some of those.”


On Friday, he said in a news release and on Twitter: “Anyone who understands the law, knows I was just joking, because Idaho has no jurisdiction to issue hunting tags in Washington, D.C.”

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA – OH, MY GUT! I get it now! It’s not just that hunting the president with a rifle is SO DARNED FUNNY – my stomach still aches – the kicker punchline is that YOU COULDN’T HUNT THE PRESIDENT LEGALLY IN D.C.

So he was just JOKIN’! OKAY, THEN!


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