The Great White Dope

Egg RacismDon’t you see?  There’s nothing wrong with Kansas. From the Topeka Capitol-Journal:

U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins [R-Emerald City] offered encouragement to conservatives at a town hall forum that the Republican Party would embrace a “great white hope” capable of thwarting the political agenda endorsed by Democrats who control Congress and President Barack Obama.

You got your “great,” “white” and “hope” associated with one another, and Jenkins’ press shill decided to improve the situation:

“There’s no doubt the Republican Party has gone through some dark and challenging times in recent years, but thankfully bright young leaders have stepped up to lead the party into the future and she hopes to be a part of it. That was the intent of her comments — nothing more and nothing less. Congresswoman Jenkins apologizes for her choice of words.”

Right! The original use of ‘great white hope” was not racist at all!

So, “dark” is associated with bad Republican times, “white” and “bright” with hope and the future. Gotta love the apology appended as afterthought, too. Jack Johnson’s detractors would be proud of the wordsmithing.

When do they apologise for the apology?


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