One and Counting

51GXXPKXD1L._SL500_AA280_I asked a question last week, sensing that religous apologists had no good answer to it: Where are Christians when it comes to health care reform and healing the sick? I hear a lot of oppositon from that corner. Willful ignorance. Benign neglect. Misleading partisanship. Anti-science provincialism. Worse yet, deathly silence.

Until today.

From Grace and Truth to You:

I would like to see the uninsured become insured. As a Christian, I would have to do that even if it was not what I wanted to do, but I want to do this. I make under $250,000 per year. Nonetheless, if it were to come down to it, I would be personally glad to pay more taxes to help these uninsured people. It is just plain the right thing to do.

My sentiments exactly. Not that I’m the most upstanding or literal Christian in the world – quite far from it – but mandatory church attendance during my formative years pretty much has rendered me incapable of abandoning Christianity altogether, even if I wanted to. Gratefully, as I’ve gotten older Jesus’ message rings loud, clear and true, while almost all else contained in the Bible and in organized religion has fallen away from me. Not that it’s all negative, per se, but for me those things are repetative, tedious and boring, while Jesus’ revolutionary stances are as interesting as anything in the universe., including the Horsehead Nebula.

I am going snark-free on these folks for a few days, so encouraged am I. There IS an honest man among them.


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