At Least the Dude’s Honest

Budding seditionist and certified lamebrain Rep.Wally Herger (R-Leavenworth) has nothing but praise, succor and encouragement for terrorism at a recent meeting slagging health care reform.

From Mount Shasta Area Newspapers, via Washington Monthly:rush_terrorist

Herger said the federal government does have a limited role to play in health care noting, “We do lots of things that are not in the Constitution.”
“There are things we can do with health care, as long as the government is not running it,” Herger said.
One speaker said he could trace his ancestors back to the Mayflower and said “they did not arrive holding their hands out for help.”
“I am a proud right wing terrorist,” he declared to cheers.
Herger praised the man’s attitude.
“Amen, God bless you,” Herger said with a broad smile. “There is a great American.”

Of course, you can count on the main stream media to report that there’s a Republican that approves of home grown, Timothy McVeigh-type terrorism.

Holding my breath? I don’t look good in blue.


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