The Pay or Die System

screw_aAlright, alright, I think I get it: I pay premiums to an insurance company for coverage, which in turn pays its employees to find ways to deny me coverage; the more they deny, the bigger the bonus. My premium dollars are also used to pay executive salaries that are, well…  American in their magnificence.

These same executives use more of my premium dollars to “encourage” thier employees to show up and protest health care reform. They use even more of my premium dollars to buy ads advocating against a competitive public option. Whatever’s left of my premium dollars is used to send my doctor a paltry cut of the pie, and to pay off sock puppets.

No wonder, with all those expenses, that insurance companies have double digit overhead: 17%.

Medicare’s overhead runs about 3% and doesn’t deny coverage.

So – we’d rather keep getting denied coverage, and overpay them to screw us?

Okay, then!

(h/t Thom Hartmann)


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