A Little Too Close to Home

racistairforceoneBFrom OhioDailyBlog via bloggerinterrupted:

In the message sent to an unknown number of recipients from a North Canton Police email address ( amalachowski@northcantonpolice.org ), Dispatcher Anita Malachowski forwards the message

“New “Air Force One” Tail Number and yes, please forgive me, I’m really sorry, I really, really tried not to laugh, but …………………..!”

The message is sent along with a Photoshopped image of Air Force One with the “N-number” or tail number spelled out as NI66ER.

I sit on the board of the Cleveland Police Historical Society. My grandfather was a motorcycle cop. I support the The Greater Cleveland Peace Officers Memorial Society. I’ve interviewed dozens of peace officers. I know multiple cops, and my respect for what they do to protect me and my family does not waver.

I suspect that the police officers I know would not be terribly happy with Dispatcher Malachowski. Tough enough to be a cop without racist attacks coming from within their own ranks.


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