Weekend Fishwrap

monkey reading registerWhile I’m on the subject of dead-tree media, I’ve got to offer up insane props to Cleveland’s very own Plain Dealer, which has figured out it’s recycling problems – problems I did not know it had. And they do this for free; I didn’t even ask them or pay them for this service.

What they do every Sunday is very neatly bag up some stray newsprint recycling and dump some of it onto my front yard, and that of my neighbors. Maybe further down the street, too, I just don’t know. But what we ALL enjoy doing – because we loves us some Mama Earth – is picking up the Plain Dealer’s refuse, separating the “Weekend Fishwrap” from the plastic bag it came in, saving the rubber band for reuse, then putting the bag and the paper in our own personal recycling bins for Lakewood pickup on Tuesdays. This way the Pee Dee can save the cost of getting rid of their own trash, with a little help from us citizens.

Chokes me up a bit, knowing I am contributing to my community paper in this way.


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