The Independent Day

vintage_press2Crazy, brave James Renner – author (see below) and reporter, and now publisher & editor, it seems – has pulled together a new print and web alt-paper called The Independent.

If you liked him as a reporter for Scene Times, or Free Scene, or whatever the hybrid is named now – which sent Renner packing when they got squeamish over his sex-laced exposé on Ohio GOP gubernatorial candidate Kevin Coughlin, and KC’s Boinkette problem -you’ll love him in The Independent.

Also writing for The Independent is Tim Russo, a political savant that, even with a scarlett “I” branded onto his forehead, brings the snark and takes no prisoners, as if he has nothing left to lose; indeed he suggests as much in his blog’s sub-head. I would not want to be in his crosshairs, nor in Mr Renner’s, for that matter.

If you like old-skool journalism, show James some ad love – I intend to.


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