WRPM=Winning Revolutions Per Minute

VOL_7_DODC_DISORGStorytellers’ ongoing (and award winning, might I add) media series – Doris O’Donnell’s Cleveland – will be part of Western Reserve Public Media’s (WRPM) new Fusion digital channel, showing later this August. The Kent, Ohio PBS affiliate wil show “Disorganized Crime” on Thursday, August 27 at 9:00 p.m., followed immediately by “Front Page Girl.”  They also will show all eight (soon to be 12) episodes several times over the next two years.

A big shout-out to Western Reserve: unlike many PBS affiliates, WRPM has instituted job-sharing amongst its staff to avoid layoffs. Sounds like employees had some say in it, too – a novel idea. And, top management does not pull down a quarter-million (viewer-donated) dollars a year, like other stations which shall go unnamed (hint: the mystery station just laid off 8% of its staff).  WRPM = responsible business model.

[Update: on the heels of recent layoffs, a little bird says the non-WRPM station’s CFO followed up on staff cuts of 8% by suggesting in an e-mail that any employee is welcome to take voluntary furloughs, or voluntary cuts in pay/time. Also, station contributions to employees’ investment plans will drop.]


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