Chasing Amy

front cover Amy.inddFriend and colleague James Renner has his own obsession with an unsolved case: that of murdered Bay Village girl Amy Mihaljevic. No one outside a dedicated circle of law enforcement officials has worked as hard or as long to find the killer. Renner’s style is the only one that could work for this case: it’s a memoir of his own journey to find Amy, and of finding an odd menagerie of characters along the way. It’s a book I could not put down – literally started and finished it in one sitting, then proceeded to have one of my most vivid dreams in recent memory. Like Jim Badal & me, James Renner knows the allure of being just this close to a solution, watching one lead or another vaporize & new ones materialize from thin air. I sense James feels a need to pursue Amy’s fate the same way he feels obliged to breathe. Check out the book, as well as his follow-up blog on the case. Like the Torso Murders, esta cosa no saldrá.


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