D’ lusion is not a French Perfume


Like Uber funny radio host Stephanie Miller says, “I was abandoned by wolves and raised by a pack of Republicans.” Deeply Christian Republicans, at that. I see my immediate family, however, as loving, compassionate, non-crazy types. We may not always be sure how much we differ on individual issues, because long ago we all decided, in some sort of non-verbal mammalian survival-based manner, to not discuss religion or politics. The result? We express caring for one another because we can still speak civilly, and find all sorts of other stuff to talk about. There are rare exceptions, but we make no effort to dredge up points of conflict.

Thank goodness we don’t drink – that usually unleashes the hounds of hell.

So I cannot bring myself to ask them – afraid as I am of the answer – whether they believe President Obama was born in the U.S. From the looks of things, it’s a less than 50-50 shot.


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