It Never Ends…

14VJust heard from the new Cuyahoga County Coroner, Dr. Frank Miller, that Jim Badal & I have been invited to view any & all evidence in the infamous 1930s Cleveland Torso Murders, and the attendant case surrounding one Frank Dolezal. Some of the items, presumably, have never been shown to us – things we assumed had been destroyed or lost over seven decades. We shall see.  But I will say that on a visit to Coroner Balraj’s office  in 2003 we were shown a beautifully bound transcript of then-Coroner Gerber’s inquest into Mr. Dolezal’s death.  Plenty of surprises for one & all because it had not seen the light of day since 1939.

Jim & I have created, respectively, a 2001 book and a 2003 documentary on the murders and I’m coming to understand, as evidence continues to be revealed,  that they are not so much finished products as they are signposts and milestones in this ongoing, ceaselessly engrossing unsolved crime.  Look for 2010 releases from both of us on the Frank Dolezal imbroglio – maybe someday he can rest in peace.


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