Ol’ Yellers


I simply adore the crabby right’s New Strategery:  yell loudly at townhall meetings about healthcare to drown out legislators. Democratic Party legislators, to be exact. It worked so well in the election – remember “KILL ‘IM!!!” – no wonder they are trying it again.

You could say it’s because the yellers have nothing to offer – they don’t – or that they are the sorest losers EVER – they are – or that they’re trying something new because that whole Birther thing wasn’t really panning out – it hasn’t. Or, they are just in denial that our country elected a man as president who is… tall?  Harvard educated? Working on his first marriage? A Bud Lite drinker? Smart & eloquent? Rightously uppity? Let’s see, what else distinguishes him… have to get back to you on that.  Whatever it is, the Birthers & ‘Baggers are M-A-A-D!!!

The video I saw, they largely looked like Medicare or unemployment recipeints who don’t want others to have socialistic pallin’-around-with-terrorists type healthcare.


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